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Attention, waste boss! These five provinces strictly investigate traffic violations! Violators will be exposed and severely punished

[China Packaging News] recently, according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of public security, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Public Security Department of Hebei Province, together with the public security traffic management departments of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, has carried out a joint rectification action in the North China region of "eliminating hidden dangers, preventing accidents, and protecting Daqing" from July 15 to October 15. The traffic management departments of the five places will jointly control, investigate, and deal with all kinds of prominent traffic violations

23 strictly controlled roads are:

g1 Beijing Harbin expressway, G2 Beijing Shanghai Expressway, G3 Beijing Taiwan expressway, G4 Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway, G5 Beijing Kunming expressway, G6 Beijing Tibet expressway, G7 Beijing Xinjiang expressway, G18 Rongwu expressway, G25 Changshen expressway, G4 increasing the size of runner and gate can reduce shrinkage. The experimental machine enters the normal test state 5 Daguang Expressway, G55 ErGuang expressway, g2501 binbao expressway, S1 Jinji expressway, S012 Coastal Expressway, national highway 102, national highway 103 104 National Highway, 107 national highway, 109 National Highway, 110 national highway, 205 national highway, 209 national highway, 112 National Highway

13 prominent violations include:

1, drunk driving

2, fake and fake license plate

3, unlicensed and unlicensed

4, speeding

5, passenger car overcrowding

6, Truck Overload

7, fatigue driving

8, reverse driving

9, driving not in the specified Lane

10, not giving way according to the regulations

11. Illegal parking on highways

12. Breaking the ban

13 Passenger vehicles operate illegally from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.

eight types of key vehicles include:

highway buses, tourist buses, dangerous chemical transport vehicles, heavy trucks, "business to non business" buses, rural minibuses, school buses, and student pick-up vehicles

the 5th and 20th of each month are the unified action days

in the joint rectification action, the traffic management departments in the five places will continue to maintain the strict control of all kinds of key traffic violations. On the basis of the "five days" and "ten days" national centralized and unified action days and weekend night inspections, the 5th and 20th of each month are determined to be the joint rectification, centralized and unified action days in North China

during the unified action, highways and national and provincial roads focus on passenger cars, research, experiments, the characteristics and advantages of solid waste utilization, and trucks

these signals of the expressway are amplified by the high-speed amplifier

strictly investigate the key illegal behaviors such as speeding, driving without a license, fatigue driving, illegally occupying the emergency lane, driving without the specified lane, illegal parking, illegal reversing, illegal transportation of vehicle transport vehicles, overcrowding of passenger vehicles, overcrowding of minibuses and so on

national and provincial roads

strictly investigate key illegal acts such as speeding, reverse driving, driving without a license, truck overloading, driving in a lane that does not comply with the regulations, and giving way not in accordance with the regulations

urban and rural roads

highlight drunk driving, licensing and other illegal acts, and focus on vans in rural areas

in the operation, the traffic management departments of the five places will organize law enforcement teams to carry out remote police use, cross law enforcement and airborne law enforcement activities to ensure the effect of law enforcement

the five places will cooperate in the 24-hour service of law enforcement stations

in the joint rectification action of overdue control and scrapped vehicles

, the five places will cooperate to carry out the inter provincial "three joint management" rectification measures

joint control of key vehicles, research and analyze vehicles operated in different places and across provinces, rely on the inspection and control system, and mutually control key vehicles that have not been inspected and scrapped and operated locally in other provinces, so as to jointly eliminate hidden dangers at the source

the law enforcement station will be on duty 24 hours a day and urge the rectification of vehicles.

the provincial law enforcement stations of the five local traffic management departments will implement 24-hour service, and the adjacent law enforcement stations will work together to supervise and urge the rectification of safety hazards found on the spot

those that cannot be rectified on the spot and those involving internal regulatory loopholes of the enterprise will be reported to the local traffic management department of the enterprise to which the vehicle belongs, and the local traffic management department will urge the enterprise to rectify in place

punish enterprises and drivers with prominent violations

at the same time, relying on the "traffic safety integrity evaluation" mechanism, share information on traffic violations and traffic accidents of key vehicles, notify each other every month, expose enterprises, vehicles and drivers with many potential safety hazards and prominent traffic violations, and conduct interviews and joint punishment with transportation, emergency management and other departments

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