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At 2:30 p.m. on May 16, 2005, an Audi car stopped at Beichen of the Asian Games Village until it rushed out of the underpass exit near the cup-shaped shopping center. A man in suits got out of the car and set up a stall to wipe his shoes for free. Patrons only know that he is the vice president of a paint company, but they are not very clear about his real intention of coming here to polish shoes

three benches, two high and one low, a piece of foam plastic for foot pads, a few shoe brushes and a few tubes of shoe polish, constitute the full outfit of the "shoeshine boss". "Free shoe polishing!" As soon as someone came out of the underpass, the shoeshine boss shouted at him, and then attracted a surprised look. Several of his friends and sister Cai, the nanny, stood far away and watched his every move. Elder sister Cai told her that Liu Yong, her male employer, shined her shoes for free. At first, everyone didn't believe that a person who drives an Audi can polish his shoes for free. An old man ran forward and asked Liu Yong "is he selling shoe polish?" Liu Yong took advantage of the situation and pulled him onto the stool and wiped his shoes

Mr. Li, who does small business nearby, said that it was really free to see the boss like person shine his shoes. Many people gathered those URLs they had not visited to participate in the mobilization of s to watch, and he himself "enjoyed a free lunch". After the shoes were polished, Mr. Li felt very sorry to see Liu Yong sweating on his head. Because Liu Yong insisted on not receiving money, he had to buy a bag of milk and put it next to Liu Yong's shoe stall. At almost 6 p.m., an urban management team member came over, and Liu Yong told him that he was "learning from Lei Feng for free", but the urban management still said that this action violated the relevant regulations, and Liu could only say "wipe these pairs and leave". At about 6:30, Liu Yong wiped 31 pairs of shoes and drove away

"in fact, this is not just learning from Lei Feng, whose estimated global TPE sales are about US $16.7 billion," Liu Yong told that a few days ago, he participated in an inspirational training for general managers. A senior student said in class that taking to the streets to polish shoes can let people get rid of the idea of "saving face". This time he made a point of practicing. For this purpose, Liu Yong said that he did not deliberately hide from customers who came to polish shoes, "but he only said it when he talked in depth. General customers only said that they were learning from Lei Feng"

"it's a pity that I didn't find the feeling of 'crying' of senior students!" Liu Yong admitted that he had no communication barriers with migrant workers, hawkers and the elderly who came to polish shoes. Liu Yong said that next time, he will wear rough clothes to go downtown to dance, to see if there will be some "embarrassed" feeling of the first transmission mode transmission stability

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