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Virtual simulation opens the "black box" of intelligent factory and makes manufacturing immersive

when it comes to 3D virtual simulation technology, people may think of 3D blockbusters such as avatar. In fact, in the manufacturing industry, virtual simulation technology has taken root and blossomed. Especially for the future intelligent factory, virtual simulation technology will become a powerful tool for enterprises to optimize production processes. In the future, by building a three-dimensional digital factory, enterprises will be able to visualize the company's overall design and manufacturing chain, refine management, and completely open the black box of manufacturing process management

immerse manufacturing

with the development of information physical fusion system and IOT, digital tools are embedded into the whole value chain of product design, R & D, production planning, production engineering, production implementation and services, which has brought great changes to the manufacturing industry. Future factories will be able to integrate production, supply chain and individual customer preferences in real time. Herman, the CEO of Siemens Greater China and the president and CEO of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., expressed the ability of smart factories in the future

the automotive industry has always been at the high end of the manufacturing industry, and its factories are becoming more and more intelligent. As a representative of discrete industry, the automotive industry is also constantly applying the most advanced digital technology. Virtual simulation technology is widely used in the automotive industry, especially in the field of highly automated production lines

in the Chinese automotive market, KOMA (Shanghai) Engineering Co., Ltd. is a major supplier of body welding, powertrain assembly and processing equipment, and began manufacturing robots in 2011. When manufacturing production lines for automotive original equipment manufacturers, KOMA (Shanghai) is often required by customers to conduct simulation tests of production lines and operating units. Riccardo piegaia, mechanical engineer and process engineering manager of KOMA (Shanghai), said that by using the software tool of virtual simulation, more production scenarios can be simulated in a short time. The main purpose of mode testing is to plan and verify the production line. It is understood that through mode testing, the production line can be effectively improved and optimized in advance, saving engineering time, which helps to reduce the number of rework in the workshop, avoid waste and reduce costs

for example, simulation tests sometimes show that the design of a component should be changed due to the need to use certain specific welding tools. We simulated all BIW (body in white) work units, from spot welding to stud welding, laser welding and other more advanced technologies. Although the cost of laser welding is much higher than that of spot welding, the former is more beautiful than the latter in the visible area of the car body after automobile manufacturing. By using software for simulation testing, we delivered a roof welding workstation to a customer. Riccardo piegaia said

it is learned that by applying virtual simulation technology, the engineering speed and visualization can be improved. At present, KOMA (Shanghai) company can also conduct 3D robot simulation test by using virtual simulation technology, and also realize the visualization of the whole production line, and cultivate a huge 3D simulation team, including dozens of simulation engineers

make the process as clear as the palm of your hand

today's factories are facing increasing challenges from production operations. The continuous changes in the factory's own state and internal and external environment are seriously threatening 6 Electronics load the safety of production operations and the profitability of enterprises. Some uncontrollable accidents usually cause delay in driving, unnecessary waste of products, serious equipment damage, and even disastrous consequences

for the process industry (also known as the process industry), due to the large production scale, high investment amount and continuity of production and manufacturing, the factory will face very high production safety risks once it starts, and the pressure of environmental pollution is increasing. Therefore, the process industry enterprises need to realize transparent production, improve production efficiency and equipment utilization, and reduce carbon emissions. Improve profitability by minimizing downtime and maximizing equipment utilization

China's process industry is facing problems and pressures in many fields, such as shortening the time to market, promoting digital production, realizing transparent production and improving its own efficiency. Lin bin, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of process industry and drive group, believes that the upgrading of production process is the key to the problem. The main challenge we face is how to improve productivity, production efficiency and production flexibility. Chinese manufacturers are seeking such methods and solutions as digital chemical plants and integrated solutions. The clear demand of relevant markets is to shorten the product launch cycle and realize transparent production

for the realization of transparent production, at present, with the help of virtual simulation technology, the production links of process industry can be presented on the computer screen in a three-dimensional way, which is convenient for workers' training. Once workers master the process flow, the misoperation rate of equipment will be reduced, and then the utilization rate of equipment and safety production coefficient will be improved, which is very important for the process industry. Xu Xiaoyan, senior technical consultant of Schneider, told that before and after the official start-up of the factory, the position accuracy was more effectively guaranteed. Through the high fidelity simulator on the computer, enterprise employees can accumulate process experience and fault diagnosis experience, improve the ability to deal with emergencies or abnormal working conditions, thereby improving the safety of the factory and extending the actual production time of factory equipment. This virtual simulation technology enables operators to work in the factory personally. As more and more operators have a deeper understanding of the process, the knowledge and technical level of operators will also be improved. Enterprises can shorten the start-up and shutdown time, even start up early, and reduce the actual time required for start-up

of course, training is only a part of the application effect of virtual simulation technology, which can also produce benefits in the actual operation and maintenance of its ultra-high pressure power production. It is understood that virtual simulation technology can make highly complex process plants display realistically in three-dimensional mode, and at the same time, plant data can also be updated in real time, which can not only help engineering design and monitoring, but also help operation. Service and maintenance work can also be planned, simulated and executed more efficiently. Some industrial software with virtual simulation technology can be used not only for immersive training of operators, but also as a delivery tool to exchange data with third-party applications, and also for real-time collaboration. Its biggest advantage is that it can provide real-time updates of factory documents at low cost and labor costs, and ensure complete transparency in all stages of the life cycle

there are also some industrial software with virtual simulation technology. Its essence is a comprehensive and mature dynamic process simulation system based on strict calculation, and uses mechanism based technology and strict thermodynamic data, which can provide accurate and reliable calculation results, and can be used to solve the most thorny dynamic simulation problems encountered in the work from engineering research to operator training system. Users can carry out a series of work such as process design, safety analysis, control strategy selection, factory control system verification, operator training, factory improvement, etc. through these soft 8.5 experimental machines, the paint color should be beautiful and generous

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