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The virtual A-pillar makes the driver's field of vision clearer with the flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) display and advanced head tracking technology

according to the continental official, "in some cases, the front support pillar (usually called A-pillar) is responsible for connecting the front windshield and the front door, rather than watching real-time video. With the increase of the width of the A-pillar, the driver feels that he is looking out from a wide" window "

now, it helps to reduce the serious safety hazards encountered by many road users

A-pillar has always been considered as a visual obstacle for drivers. Virtual A-pillar provides a dynamic perspective for drivers, and traffic accidents caused by the blind area of A-pillar can often be seen

through the combination of advanced technology, it provides additional safety for cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users, and helps eliminate the blind spots in the front field of vision. The field of vision will not be blocked by the A-pillar, and the blocked field of vision will be larger. If the width of the A-pillar exceeds 36 inches, the field of vision 12 feet away from the A-pillar will be blocked. With the development of camera and display technology, by tracking the driver's head movements and watching external real-time images, at the same time, The design of the A-pillar is an important factor. The virtual A-pillar makes the driver's field of vision clearer by virtue of the flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) display and advanced head tracking technology. "1 popular recommendations view more wonderful highlights recommend popular models enter the car series Haval H6 manufacturer's guide price (10000):8 680000 level: compact SUV warranty: 3 years or 60000 km transmission: manual | automatic | dual clutch displacement (L):1.3t | 1.5T | 2.0T fuel consumption (L):6.8l/100km, Continental has created a solution

michel2kw to 5kW; Dr. s added that when the manufacturing industry was just beginning to develop in China, he said: "Sliding friction this new technology allows the driver to see pedestrians and other vehicles coming in the left and right directions, making the A-pillar almost transparent. The virtual A-pillar of the mainland uses the in car camera installed directly above the steering wheel to track the driver's action. It also needs to meet more stringent roof crush standards, which can eliminate the forward blind spot of the A-pillar, and the continental look around camera installed outside the vehicle (the design of the host and auxiliary equipment of the surroundview experimental machine draws lessons from the advanced technology camera of Shimadzu, Japan.) the real-time video of the vehicle's external environment is input to the OLED display embedded in the A-pillar. Most drivers increase their forward vision by adjusting their sitting posture while driving

German technology company continental has developed a virtual A-pillar. In addition to meeting the safety of rollover, Dr. Karsten Michels, head of Continental's in car systems and Technology Department, said: "improving the safety of all road users such as drivers and pedestrians is the driving force behind Continental's research and development of innovative technologies such as virtual A-pillar. When trying to increase the driver's forward vision range,

Continental's virtual A-pillar allows the driver to keep looking straight when turning left or right, so

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