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Virtue cooperates to develop the modification technology of silicon oxide coating

but points out that according to the latest information, the American Coca-Cola company has developed the "silicon oxide nano treatment pet bottle" technology to improve the permeability in cooperation with Essen University in Germany, Krones company in Germany and LEYBOLD system company. Under the condition of high vacuum plasma, SiOx is used for vacuum physical vapor deposition, and the treatment layer is outside the PET bottle. It is reported that PET bottles treated with this process can improve the impermeability by 4 times, extend the shelf life for at least 6 months, and do not affect the smell of beer. According to Germany: Krones company, the treatment process cost of the interlayer separation method may be more economical than the use of pen bottles or multi-layer bottles. In cooperation with LEYBOLD company, the company has installed a production instrument in a filling factory of Coca Cola company in Germany, and even equipped with instruments. Selecting a digital display model can meet the corresponding requirements. The main equipment of the table and the operability and protection of the main system are mainly completed by the human-machine interface technology and put into use

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