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On the afternoon of May 29, 2014, Suning and Meizu announced that they had reached a strategic cooperation in Beijing. In the future, the two sides will reach a number of cooperation plans in terms of channels, virtual operators and so on

in terms of distribution channels, Suning will open 300 Meizu exclusive stores in its stores within one year, while promising sales of 2billion. Under the tide of the so-called e-commerce that the industry must call Internet thinking, Meizu Suning seems to be doing the opposite

Gu Wei, assistant to the president of Suning cloud commerce group and general manager of the communications division, believes that from the perspective of consumer experience, there will be no pure online or offline in the future. In his view, the o2o mode that connects online and offline is the direction of the future

in addition, as virtual operators enter the actual stage of official number release, for virtual operators like Suning who hold resale business licenses, they can also have more ways to play and cooperate with Taizhou local enterprise machine manufacturers in the future

Li Nan, vice president of Meizu, even believes that the emergence of virtual operators will be a new opportunity for domestic products other than China cool

online and offline convergence

in 2014, an obvious change in the domestic industry is that people pay more and more attention to online channels

whether more and more traditional manufacturers are starting to cooperate with for the first time, or the emergence of new faces such as Nibiru, iuni, Yijia and hammer, we all aim at the Internet and e-commerce

why do you do this? Some domestic manufacturers told that the short-term impulse effect of e-commerce channels is particularly obvious, and the cost is much lower than that of traditional channels

it is understood that different manufacturers have great differences in the cost control of offline channels, but generally speaking, the cost of offline channels is at least about 30%, while that of online channels is less than 10%

therefore, more and more traditional manufacturers began to release their own online brands or product series, focusing on major e-commerce channels. Take as an example. Just entering 2014, it has reached various cooperation with Nokia, Huawei, Coolpad and other manufacturers, either for the first time, or for exclusive sales, or for strategic cooperation

however, Li Nan believes that from the perspective of trend, the gap between online and offline channel costs is narrowing. On the one hand, with the increasing size of platforms such as and tmall, the promotion cost of manufacturers is actually getting higher and higher; On the other hand, the cost of offline channels is constantly compressed

Li Nan said that in the past, offline channels had very high gross profit, but now Meizu has pressed the offline cost to a very low level. He said the two would converge in the long run

in addition to cost considerations, Li Nan believes that offline has its irreplaceable advantage, that is, the experience of actual operation is very important for the sale of products. Online sales of products inevitably fall into the vortex of price war

in addition to some particularly cheap products, when we really make a purchase decision, do we need to get a real machine experience? Gu Wei believes that this is the most natural demand of consumers. What Suning hopes to do with its store advantages is to connect online and offline, the so-called o2o

this is not just that consumers can place an order at any time after they experience the product in the store. You can also pick up the goods after purchasing the products on the website, or enjoy more guarantees and services

for example, the free film we made is the first step. Gu Wei said that in the next few months, you can see the storefront of Suning rdquo; Dr. bor Jang, CEO and founder of angstron materials, said that reducing the impact of friction will make a great difference

virtual operator contract machine

it is understood that Suning has reached resale agreements with China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, and the official release and operation will begin soon. Gu Wei said that in terms of virtual operator business, Suning and Meizu will be closely tied and pushed forward

there are more than 20 virtual operator enterprises like Suning that have obtained resale business licenses. In Li Nan's view, these private enterprises will be a new opportunity for manufacturers other than China cool

the most direct mode is the operator contract machine. In the past, entering the contract machine system of the three major operators has always been the dream of some domestic manufacturers who want to impulse. However, operators have strict requirements for centralized purchase, and the price competition is also very fierce

therefore, in the past, in addition to international brands such as Samsung and apple, it has always been a manufacturer with relatively financial strength such as China cool, playing a leading role in the contract machine of operators. More small manufacturers have no strength and energy to enter the system of operators

Li Nan believes that after the official release of virtual operators, domestic brands like Meizu will have more opportunities

Gu Wei did not disclose more details about possible new ways of playing between virtual operators and manufacturers in the future. He just said that in the future, Suning will cooperate with manufacturers like Meizu not only in the business of virtual operators, but also in more content operations

In a variety of competitive materials of Xiaomi 4 mobile phone antenna partition bar test

Li Nan told that for virtual operators, their new package scheme will be supported at the first time

at the beginning of the 3G era in the past, the operator contract machine led to the rise of the shares of a number of domestic manufacturers such as chinacool. Will the future virtual operator contract machine bring opportunities to more small and medium-sized manufacturers? We need to wait and see

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