The hottest shining Yanzhao Dadi SM domestic skid

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Shimmering Yanzhao Dadi SM domestic skid steer loader Hebei travel

shimmering Yanzhao Dadi SM domestic skid steer loader Hebei travel

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SM earthforce national roadshow since it set sail from Changsha, Hunan Province on March 17, it has successively passed through Zhejiang, Hubei and Jiangsu stations, and each station has attracted a large number of local customers to visit, with strong performance, The super high cost performance has left a deep impression on customers

on March 31, the localization day of high-end graphite was realized, and the roadshow activity came to the fifth stop - Hebei. SM earthforce shines in Yanzhao

when the SM earthforce roadshow activity is signed in, customers pay attention to the SM public account, and can easily obtain the latest equipment, dealers, accessories, promotions and other information of SM

during the on-site turntable activity, you can also get beautiful gifts prepared by SM for you

guoshukai, sales manager of Hebei Xiangma Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., delivered a speech and announced the sales policy. The super high cost performance surprised the on-site customers

Liu Leng, regional manager of SM China, delivered a speech and introduced in detail the characteristics and application of SM domestic skid steer loaders

this American uses the cooperation between bentler Sigri and Volvo in the design of spa leaf spring. An efficient production tool with more than 60 years of experience has brought great benefits and labor liberation to the working people in Europe and the United States, promoted the whole social labor, and made your work more stable and efficient. Earthforce will bring great changes to China's construction. It will provide you with an efficient comprehensive working condition solution

engineers demonstrated the operation of SM's too long skid steer loader on site. The video is not long, and it is wonderful

at the site of SM earthforce roadshow, engineers interpreted the technical advantages of SM's domestic skid steer loaders in detail on customer problems. SM S18 adopts American SM K series product platform to achieve a good balance between ruggedness, durability and cost performance. Provide Chinese customers with more applicable high-quality products

at the roadshow site, SM also brought a variety of accessories such as broken T-shaped oil return port hammer, earth drill, closed sweeper, fork, bucket, etc.

at the roadshow site, SM also brought a variety of accessories such as broken hammer, earth drill, closed sweeper, fork, bucket, etc., so that users have a deeper understanding of the title of SM's King Kong. Tool free oil pipe quick change docking system, one person can quickly connect the hydraulic pipeline. The fully enclosed quick change joint design ensures that foreign matters cannot enter the hydraulic system to prevent hydraulic system failure. The patented Bob tach SM quick change system makes it easy to switch accessories with various functions, and fast switching requires no tool assistance

SM earthforce home-made skid steer loaders are easy to operate, engineers provide on-site guidance, and customers can learn as soon as possible

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