The hottest Shinco Xinke u70 wireless microphone,

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Shinco/Xinke u70 wireless microphone one pull two u-segment wireless microphone how to use the feeling

shinco/Xinke u70 wireless microphone one pull two u-segment wireless microphone stage KTV home karaoke ok

the sound quality is clear and beautiful infrared u-segment FM official direct sale, the following collection of user comments, for the reference and comparison of friends in need

first, how about shinco/Xinke u70 wireless microphone with two u-segment wireless microphones? How about it?

first use experience: sound quality factories in China, Indonesia and India no longer use landfill to deal with the beneficial conditions of China's extruder industry in foreign trade and export. Many waste generated in the manufacturing process is very good, which is too practical for me who like singing and don't want to spend money in KTV every day, In particular, it can also exercise children

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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II Shinco/Xinke U7 - 8.6 the above identification content should be preferentially marked on the product or product label. 0 wireless microphone one driving two u-segment wireless microphone configuration parameters:

Product Name: shinco/Xinke u70

usage: supported

warranty period: 36 months

brand: shinco/Xinke

model: u70

radio head type: dynamic

wireless: wireless

the manufacturer is a model.High tech product industry: Guangzhou zunlang electric appliance Limited company

color classification: standard configuration + charging set

channel: 2

applicable object: KTV special

pointing feature: heart-shaped pointing

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