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The ship ran aground and 22 tons of chemicals slipped into the Beijing Hangzhou canal at about 3:30 p.m. on January 25, a heavy-duty chemical product ship named "Jiang silt 2288" ran aground at the beacon light of the diversion pier at the visa point of Jiapu bridge in the Wujiang section of the Beijing Hangzhou canal, causing the ship to tilt and the goods to slide into the river. Among them, 22 bags of chemical products fell into the canal, and the situation was very critical. After receiving the alarm, the jiapuqiao visa point quickly started the emergency plan and took effective measures. After more than 3 hours of rescue, all the goods were hoisted ashore

when Wujiang maritime department receives the danger report, it immediately starts the emergency plan: organize 6 maritime personnel and 2 sea patrol boats, including: rush to the scene of the accident, understand the situation and conduct on-site inspection. It was decided to first maintain the order of the waterway and prevent the polyester chips of chemical products floating on the water surface due to the temporary lack of water inside the package, such as tiannv Sanhua, from being crushed by the collision of passing ships and sinking into the river, which could not be salvaged, resulting in water pollution; Use the sea patrol boat to pull the scattered polyester chips weighing up to 1000 kg per package to the shore by pushing, towing and other means, and contact the crane in time to help lift them ashore. After more than three hours of dragging, pulling and jacking, 22 bags of polyester chips with a total value of 231000 yuan were finally hoisted ashore, minimizing the loss of the accident. Due to the timely and effective rescue, the accident did not cause water pollution. When painting is needed, it is ready for painting. It was learned afterwards that the ship loaded 320 tons of polyester chips from Jiangyin to Hangzhou, Zhejiang. When passing through the diversion pier of Jiapu bridge visa point in the Wujiang section of the Beijing Hangzhou canal, the heavy-duty coal fleet was blindly overtaken. Due to the recent low water level, the ship ran aground at the beacon light, causing the hull to tilt, and all 22 bags of polyester chips slipped from the cabin into the canal

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