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Ship supporting automation ushers in the spring

the ship supporting industry has a broad prospect

according to the development goal put forward in the outline of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for the development of the ship supporting industry and the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the shipbuilding industry: by 2, the mechanical meaning of various hardness standards is different, and the loading rate of locally produced marine equipment should reach more than 80% in 2015. According to the detailed planning rules for the adjustment and revitalization of the shipbuilding industry, China's prices will also fall in 2011. The shipbuilding output will reach 50million tons, the shipbuilding completion volume will account for more than 35% of the global shipbuilding completion volume, the market share of high-tech high value-added ships will reach 20%, and the market share of marine engineering equipment will reach 10%

at present, the annual output value of the world's ship supporting industry is about US $billion, and the main manufacturers are concentrated in northwest Europe and Japan. Although China has greatly improved the R & D and manufacturing level of diesel engines, generator sets, propellers and other ship supporting equipment, ship navigation equipment, communication equipment, control systems and other ship supporting products are also mostly foreign products, resulting in high procurement costs. It is understood that the proportion of imported supporting products of key ship accessories such as engines and electronic control equipment is as high as 70%

China has become the world's largest shipbuilding country. Compared with developed countries, the localization rate of domestic ship supporting facilities has reached 90%, and the localization rate of domestic ship supporting facilities is less than 50%. According to the data, in 2009, the total output value of domestic ship production above designated size has reached 548.4 billion yuan. According to the calculation that the cost of ship supporting equipment accounts for 35% of the total ship price, the output value of ship supporting industry should be about 191.94 billion yuan, while in fact, the output value of ship supporting industry is only 62 billion yuan. The development space of China's ship supporting industry is huge, and the overall upgrading of the ship supporting industry will bring strong driving force and agglomeration benefits to the development of the automation industry

current situation of ship supporting automation

ship automation technology industry has become one of the pillar industries of major marine powers in the world today. 2.1.2 the pulsator makes the system produce pulsating hydraulic oil through the up and down reciprocating motion of the piston of the arterial oil cylinder of the adjustable eccentric crankshaft connecting rod mechanism. Since the 1970s, due to the rapid development needs of the marine industry and international trade, there has been a vigorous development situation in the development of ship automation technology and new equipment, which has laid a solid foundation through decades of continuous development

During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, driven by the booming international and domestic ship market, the rapid expansion and improvement of China's shipbuilding scale and the green credit cooperation mechanism of the National Development Bank, China's ship supporting industry entered a new rising period. China's ship supporting industry and supporting market have undergone profound changes in many aspects, such as industrial organization structure, investment structure, production scale, scientific and technological level, product structure and quality, and have also made some progress in technological innovation and institutional innovation. However, the localization rate of China's shipbuilding automation industry is very low, less than 10%

with the development of China's shipbuilding industry and the government's support for the development of ship supporting industry, the ship automation industry will develop rapidly. In 2008, the scale of China's shipbuilding automation equipment industry reached 1.2 billion yuan, with a growth rate of more than 40%. It is estimated that by 2010, the market scale of China's shipbuilding automation industry will reach 2.7 billion yuan

new trends in ship automation technology

since the beginning of the 21st century, the rapid development of modern science and technology and information technology has promoted the continuous development of ship manufacturing technology to the comprehensive automation of the whole ship. The so-called ship automation is a multi-functional integrated system integrating engine room automation, navigation automation, information integration and loading automation. The computer is used for intelligent management of the whole ship. Its operation is reliable, it can detect faults in advance, determine preventive maintenance and repair, and ensure safe and economic operation

the application of mechatronics, artificial intelligence and fuzzy technology will expand the field of ship automation. With the new generation of high-power semiconductor power electronic devices, breakthroughs in materials, theory, mechanism, manufacturing technology and application technology, marine equipment will further develop in the direction of high reliability and energy saving. Programmable controller and single chip microcomputer will gradually develop into a universal control mode in ship control. With the further development of intelligent computer monitoring system and other technologies, the shipbuilding industry has been further extended to the fields of intelligent integrated automation, microcomputer monitoring, intelligent control, satellite communication and navigation, global positioning system, direct exchange of ship shore information, and ship wide automation

in the shipbuilding industry, DCS system is the nerve network of ships. Affected by the development of network communication technology, computer hardware technology, embedded system technology, fieldbus technology, various configuration software technology, database technology and other information technology, as well as the increasing demand of users for advanced control functions and management functions, the functions of DCS system have been constantly enriched. DCS system has entered the fourth generation, which mainly provides all control and management functions at the field level, and integrates the information management functions of the whole enterprise, fully reflecting the comprehensiveness, accuracy, real-time and systematicness

ship navigation and navigation automation technology is a digital, intelligent, modular and integrated navigation and navigation control network system supported by navigation expert database and international general electronic chart technology. In the future, the system technology will further integrate navigation expert database technology, general electronic chart display information system technology, information fusion processing technology of multi navigation sensor and multi data set, system integration technology based on real-time multi task operating system in open system, system navigation function modularization technology and other technologies to realize automatic driving

marine engine room automation system is a monitoring system integrating automatic control, monitoring and alarm of engine room power system and auxiliary system. It involves the integrated application of computer network, modern control technology, communication, sensors, power electronics and other disciplines and technologies. The system technology needs the support of integrated platform management system IPMS technology marked by computer network and fieldbus technology, fully automatic power station and electric energy management technology, digital monitoring system technology of standard console, new technology of micro electromechanical system in ship engine room and other technologies

the technology of ship shore information integration system is a large-scale automatic management system that provides real-time monitoring, scheduling, management and command of ship navigation status for large and medium-sized civilian ships, such as ocean transportation and ocean fishing teams, that perform various operational tasks in various sea areas around the world. The system technology will integrate virtual reality technology, automatic identification technology, intelligent automatic navigation system and other technologies such as information integration network technology, navigation target, state information, operation control, etc., and push ship automation to a new level

liquid cargo handling automation system is the main device to realize the automation of ship integrated logistics support management, as well as the automation of ship handling and mooring. The system technology will integrate advanced control technologies such as monitoring and control technology, cargo oil loading and unloading simulation monitoring and control technology, automatic ballast control technology, handheld computer wireless monitoring technology and so on to ensure the floating state and stability of the ship

in a word, the system and equipment of ship automation have developed extremely rapidly and will be updated rapidly. In the future, it will develop rapidly in the direction of digitalization, intelligence, modeling, networking and integration. (hard rock)

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