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Shimadzu new product media meeting was held in Beijing. On June 26, 2014, Shimadzu enterprise management (China) Co., Ltd. held a new product media meeting with the theme of "comfortable work and leisurely life" at Beijing Kuntai Jiahua Hotel, and officially released four new products - gc-smart, lc-16, aa-6880 and uv-1780. Nearly 30 authoritative media representatives and more than 20 Shimadzu product agents gathered at the meeting venue to experience the unique charm of Shimadzu's new products

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at 10:00 a.m., Hu Jiaxiang, manager of the marketing department of the analytical instruments division of Shimadzu enterprise management (China) Co., Ltd., announced that the meeting officially began, and then a micro film began to be shown on the big screen. The picture depicts a day when a user of Shimadzu's new liquid chromatograph essentialc-16 is happy to work. Although the plot of micro film is very simple, it is touching. What will it bring to us in the face of more and more high-tech products, and what is the significance of our work

after the screening, Wu Tongbin, director of the analytical instruments division of Shimadzu company, made a speech on the stage. He said that the new products released today are all products developed by Shimadzu China R & D center according to the needs of the Chinese market, and he hoped that these new products would create new value for customers

then, Dr. Duan Yushu of Shimadzu China R & D center introduced the overview of the R & D center

shimadz China R & D Center (shimadz classified 3 stars as category 1 because it was not easy for designers and engineers of 3 stars to uchinarddivision) was established in January, 2011 in shimadz company in Shanghai. The purpose of the establishment is to get close to Chinese users and develop products that can quickly meet the needs of the Chinese market and have international quality. Since its establishment, it has developed automatic sampler (sIL-16) for liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph (GC smart), atomic absorption spectrophotometer (aa-6880), ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer (uv-1780), ammonia nitrogen monitor (nhn-4210) and other products. Dr. Duan revealed the R & D concept and R & D process of the China R & D center, carried out R & D on the basis of full investigation of customer needs, and dedicated the most cost-effective products to our customers through good cost control

the meeting will then enter the new product introduction. First of all, Mr. yinhongrui, an LC product expert in the marketing department of the analytical instrument division of Shimadzu company, introduced the development concept and expertise of the new essentialc-16 liquid chromatography of Shimadzu liquid chromatograph to the participants

as of May 2013, the total number of users of Shimadzu liquid chromatograph in China has exceeded 20000, and the number of liquid chromatographs has exceeded 80000, and the number is increasing at the rate of 4000 per year. Such a large user group has different needs for instruments, but they are all developing in the same direction, that is, they can enjoy work as they enjoy life. Based on this point, we launched the latest generation of Shimadzu classic model essentialc-16 that we have seen so far


1. The appearance of lc-16 is full of sense of the times and technology. In terms of usability, the transparent cover design can ensure the stable operation of the instrument, at the same time, constantly observe the operation state of the instrument, and intervene in case of abnormalities

2. Fully automatic analysis process, realize remote control and remote monitoring functions synchronously: lc-16 realizes full automation of analysis process from automatic startup, automatic analysis, automatic report issuance and automatic shutdown. The standard remote control and remote monitoring functions make analysts no longer limited to the laboratory and master the experimental process anytime and anywhere

3. Humanized human-computer interaction function. In order to cope with the usage habits of instrument operators in the mainland, all routes of instrument control are designed in Chinese, including graphic guided Chinese workstation, large screen Chinese operation panel and electronic display, making operation and maintenance easier

4. Ultra fast multifunctional automatic sampler: the new generation essentiasil-16 automatic sampler realizes 10s/10ul ultra fast and low cross contamination injection. Automatic pre column derivatization, dilution, internal standard addition and other pre-processing functions make the work simpler and the analysis more accurate. Moreover, sIL-16 is no longer completely bundled with Shimadzu liquid phase. Even if users use chromatographic systems of other brands, they can also be compatible with sIL-16 automatic sampler to achieve high-efficiency and high-precision automatic sampling operation

next, Mr. liangzhiying, an expert of GC products in the marketing department of the analytical instrument division of Shimadzu company, introduced the development concept and expertise of Shimadzu's new gas phase GC smart

Shimadzu gas phase new product GC smart

gcsmart is equipped with high-precision AFM and APM technology, which can automatically display carrier gas flow/pressure, split ratio and other parameters, so that the operator can completely get rid of the manual measurement of column flow and split flow using flowmeter, and there is no need to calculate the split ratio with calculator. Adjust the control knob to get accurate gas flow and grasp the chromatographic operation conditions

at the same time, AFM technology can be linked with the workstation, that is, the current instrument status is displayed in real time in the "instrument status bar" of the workstation, including the flow parameters of carrier gas flow, column head pressure, split ratio, as well as the temperature parameters of injection port, column temperature box, detector and other components, fundamentally eliminating the simple operation

in addition, gcsmart embodies humanized industrial design everywhere, and every detail reveals the humanistic care of Shimadzu's high-tech products, which is reflected in many aspects, such as streamlined operation status LED indicator, all Chinese large LCD, all Chinese indicating keyboard operation, and easy upgrade to full-automatic mass sample processing

at the last part of the product introduction, Mr. lishuyou, a spectrum product expert in the marketing department of the analytical instrument division of Shimadzu company, introduced the characteristics of Shimadzu's newly developed AA product

aa claims that it can extend the shelf life of perishable foods such as bread by two times 6880

first, free your hands and be at ease

1. Guided software design

through the guided design software, from selecting elements to setting standard curves and sample conditions, gradually go deep into the design of instrument parameters and atomizer parameters. Even users who contact the instrument for the first time can master the use method. During the determination process, the software provides complete information on the screen to facilitate observation of the test results

2. The automatic sampler is multi-purpose

a set of automatic sampler can realize the automatic analysis of graphite furnace and flame; It can greatly reduce the labor intensity of users and liberate operators; At the same time, the accuracy and sensitivity of the test results can be perfectly unified through the automatic sample injection analysis experiment

3. Safety design leading the world

the core part of the instrument adopts high-performance flame-retardant material design, device initialization and standby state to implement multiple safety designs such as automatic leak detection, safe flameout and automatic flameout control in case of power failure, so that the instrument can easily realize safe operation

2. Inherit classics and keep pace with the times

1. Three dimensional, to the true and perfect optical path

through three-dimensional optical system and three-dimensional layout, reduce the use of fewer mirrors, reduce light energy, and continuously improve the performance and quality of products; The sensitivity of the instrument is improved and the primary selection will be carried out; At the same time, a variable attenuator is equipped in front of the deuterium lamp to coordinate the energy of the deuterium lamp with the current, so as to improve the beam balance performance

2. 8 lamp holders that can easily deal with local laws and regulations

food safety testing requires the detection of manganese, chromium, iron and other elements in addition to copper, lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic; In addition to copper, lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic, potassium, sodium and calcium are also detected in the pharmaceutical industry; EN regulations stipulate that children's toys need to be tested for eight heavy metals: lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, chromium, barium, antimony and selenium; Eight lamp holder design can greatly meet the requirements of various regulations and improve work efficiency

3, high-performance light source, different

compared with ordinary lamps, high-performance light source has: high emission intensity, good stability; High sensitivity and low detection limit; The spectral interference of adjacent lines is reduced

after the introduction of new products, Wu Tongbin, the business director of Shimadzu company, and Tian Hongxiao, the general manager of Jinan Huihai Longsheng Technology Co., Ltd., a senior partner of Shimadzu analytical instruments, unveiled the new products

general manager Tian Hongxiao made a wonderful speech before the four new products. General manager Tian Hongxiao is an old friend of Shimadzu for many years. He has cooperated with Shimadzu company for 21 years and witnessed the development of Shimadzu company in China

after the meeting, during the media question session, representatives of various media vied with each other to ask questions to the R & D experts of Shimadzu China R & D center on issues of interest to carry out in-depth exchanges

this meeting in recent years has focused on the theme of "comfortable work and leisurely life", revealing the various efforts of Shimadzu company to constantly innovate and create a better life for the majority of analysts. The several new instruments shown today are the epitomizers of Shimadzu's latest design concepts. The launch of these new products also perfectly explains Shimadzu's entrepreneurial purpose of "making contributions to society with science and technology"

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