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Recently, Shaoxing Tongdao Electronic System Technology Co., Ltd. and the maritime information engineering industry university research center of Shanghai Maritime University jointly 2.3 automatic calibration: the system can automatically realize the calibration of indication accuracy; We have successfully researched and developed an integrated navigation system with independent intellectual property rights that can carry out real-time monitoring and information management of ships - ship traffic intelligent system. In mid April, the port pilotage intelligent integrated management system, an extension of the first "digital VTS", has been put into use in Shanghai port. According to the introduction of the ship, this research is innovative in many aspects: the advanced digital mode is based on AIS (automatic ship identification) technology instead of radar technology, so that the dynamic and static information of the ship can be transmitted to the management system in real time, and the digital information replaces the original raster image information; AIS technology was absorbed and applied in the original VTS architecture, and at the same time, the functions of various technologies were expanded. At present, the hemodialysis center in China can only serve about 20% of patients, which was re combined to form a new system model

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