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62 major technological transformation projects of "machine replacement" have been determined

according to the news from Hangzhou Municipal Commission of economy and information technology on the 17th, the special project for technological transformation of key industries in Hangzhou in 2013 (special project for machine replacement) has been determined. The total investment of 62 technological transformation projects of machine replacement is more than 1.5 billion yuan, and enterprises can get a financial subsidy of 8 yuan for every 100 yuan invested

last year, these enterprises' industrial sales revenue was more than 15million yuan, and their management level and product added value were high, their competitiveness was strong, and their comprehensive energy consumption index was lower than the average level of the same industry. The person in charge of the technical transformation and progress Department of the Hangzhou Municipal Commission of economy and information technology said that the implementation of the special project of machine replacement will further improve the automation level of labor-intensive production links of enterprises and realize staff reduction and efficiency increase

it is learned that the 62 machine replacement projects mainly focus on time stress testing and real-time display of test curves in textile and clothing processing, home appliance manufacturing, machining, stationery manufacturing, plastic products production and other fields. The investment in fixed assets of a single project exceeds 7million yuan, including factory communication tools and skills learning and development, of which the investment in equipment is more than 5million yuan, and the unit price of at least one equipment is more than 500000 yuan

the total investment of these projects is planned to be 1.52 billion yuan, and it is expected to increase sales revenue of 9.26 billion yuan, profit of 990 million yuan, tax of 600million yuan and foreign exchange earning of 280million US dollars every year after reaching the production capacity. In principle, the construction period of the project shall not exceed 2 years, and it will be completed before October 31 next year

machining is a traditional advantageous industry in Hangzhou, and it is also a key industry for machine replacement. This time, 31 projects in the machinery industry were shortlisted for the special project of machine replacement, accounting for half of the total number of projects. For example, Cixi Aobo Automotive Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. invested 20million yuan to implement the technical transformation of the production line with an annual output of 250000 high-end automotive starters and generators, which can increase the production value by 55million yuan; Ningbo snail Forging Co., Ltd. invested 15million yuan to implement the project of an annual increase of 4million pieces of automobile engine expanding and breaking connecting rod production line. After being put into operation, the new output value can be increased by 60million yuan

machine replacement is also surging in the home appliance manufacturing industry, and 14 major projects in the industry have entered the list of financial subsidies, including the automation transformation project of the production line of 50million small-scale high-power combined electromagnetic relays with an annual output of Ningbo Tianbo Ganglian Electronics Co., Ltd., which ranks first in the world, and the technical transformation project of the production line of 2million intelligent electric irons with an annual output of Zhuoli Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd

it is reported that these projects will receive a financial subsidy of 8% according to the actual investment in processing and testing equipment, complete sets of productive equipment and technology. The subsidy of a single independent legal person enterprise in the current year will not exceed 5million yuan, which will be shared by the finance of Hangzhou and the finance of the county (city) district where the enterprise belongs in a certain proportion

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