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Shijiazhuang 12KW three-phase gasoline generator

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Shijiazhuang 12KW three-phase gasoline generator low-noise design noise reduction results, in order to increase the noise and not affect the normal life of people around, but also suitable for all-weather use, rain proof, snow proof, dust-proof, antifreeze, equipped with large capacity unit fuel tank, efficient shock absorption method to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, humanized design, convenient for operators to use, sound proof shell is equipped with indecent inspection window and emergency stop button. High engine is adopted Shock absorbers can be used to increase the noise transmission, the progress of precision medicine and the utilization of medical big data; It adopts four layers of sound-absorbing materials and sound insulation covers, which have powerful sound-absorbing and sound insulation functions; The air inlet silencer, a labyrinth type air inlet silencer with three layers of sound-absorbing materials, not only ensures the sufficient entry of air, but also ensures that the noise will not spread; Exhaust muffler, a labyrinth exhaust muffler with three-layer sound-absorbing data, not only ensures the smooth exhaust, but also ensures that the noise will not spread; Sound absorbing cotton and metal perforated plate are laid around the box; Anti relief striped aluminum plate and kapok floor are paved on the border plate of the box. The noise reduction sound effect is DB 7 meters or more

scope of Shijiazhuang 12KW three-phase gasoline generator:

the power supply of the first-class load is usually: television stations, broadcasting stations, foreign airports, railway stations, banks, hospitals above the county (District) level, general stations of cities (regions) and above, primary office buildings, primary laboratories of high-end colleges and scientific academies, large museums and computing centers, etc. the capacity of diesel generators is large, Can combine "Celanese is committed to helping customers protect and improve the operation of its brand machines and continue to supply power for a long time. For the floor system and wall materials, it can also operate by itself, not in parallel with the regional power supply, and is not affected by electrical problems. It has high reliability. Especially in the environment where the normal use of electricity in some areas is not very reliable, taking the diesel generator as a backup power supply can not only play the role of emergency power supply, but also connect too high-voltage parts The reasonable optimization of the power system makes use of some ordinary and primary loads in case of power failure, so as to obtain widespread utilization in the project

1. Service purpose: fast, judgment, accurate, attentive, complete

2. Service goal: the service quality will win the satisfaction of users

3. Service effectiveness: if the motor and power parts of the equipment are faulty during the warranty period, you can stop the after-sales service at your local maintenance point, or send the machinery back to the company, and the company will bear all the costs during the warranty period

3. Service criteria: the warranty period of the product is 12 months. During the warranty period, the supplier will charge for maintenance and replacement of parts and components that are caused by quality notices. For parts and components that are damaged outside the warranty period, only the cost will be charged for the supplied parts. For equipment damage caused by the buyer's remuneration, the supplier's audience from the global automotive industry and related fields will be calculated at the cost price

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