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Ship manufacturers aim at the wind power ship market

more and more offshore wind farm support ships use four stroke engines, and wind power support ships have been included in the list of ship types that engine manufacturers can provide various models

Wartsila has provided a complete set of diesel electric power systems for the wind turbine installation vessel ordered by Fred Olsen windcarrier, which will be delivered in the summer of 2012. Lamprell PLC shipyard, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, also received an order for the construction of a similar installation ship, and there are still two ships to be selected

the ship is 131 meters long, 39 meters wide and 12 knots. The deck of the ship can carry up to 10 wind turbines, and four pillars can be lowered to the seabed to deploy the jack up lifting system on site, while the 800 ton crane on the ship is used to hoist the wind turbines

the propulsion and other work power of the ship is provided by four sets of diesel generator sets. The generator set is driven by Wartsila 32 engine: one is V12 cylinder model, so one is 6 cylinder model, and the other two are 9 cylinder models. Wartsila's products also include electric drive systems, automation systems and bow thrusters for dynamic positioning ships

Arthur BOOGAARD, general manager of special sales department of Wartsila company in the Netherlands, explained: "in terms of fuel consumption and emissions, we must provide the most effective solution. Our ship machinery comparison tank has a filler and optimization plan (ship MACS) on it, which is not only convenient for us to calculate the capital cost and operating expenses of each component of the system, but also convenient for us to optimize the annual expenditure level."

there are also two wind farm installation ships to transport and erect four offshore wind turbines. Each ship selects a complete set of propulsion devices including five report options, so that users can easily share the detailed experimental results, including the 2240 kW V16 cylinder mtu4000 series m43s high-speed engine. The power on board is provided by two 1680 kW generator sets driven by V12 cylinder mtu4000 series P83 engines

the contract signed by RWE innogy stipulates that Daewoo shipbuilding and ocean will build an installation ship 109 meters long and 40 meters wide. These vessels will serve the installation of nordsee OST wind farm outside helgolan Island, Germany, and the whole installation will be completed in 2013. The total power generation of 48 wind turbines in this wind farm is expected to be 295mw

the high-speed transfer ship designed by Austal is used to support the operators of offshore wind farms, and its propulsion device will use Volvo or MTU high-speed engines. The main function of the four wind express series ships designed by Australian design company is to transport crew, supplies and spare parts. Their ship types include exquisite catamaran and trimaran SWATH ship layout developed by Austal company. Austal's subsequent design has "unparalleled" seakeeping and comfort in level 6 sea conditions. Austal's patented navigation control system is used as an option for the wind farm support ship for the first time. In addition to a series of problems caused by components, the system can ensure that the support ship is more safe and effective when sailing in bad sea conditions

wind express19 series is 19.3 meters long and 6 meters wide, and is powered by two Volvo D16 engines. The power of each engine is 550 kW, and the fixed pitch propeller is driven at 90% of the maximum continuous power, so that the ship's speed can reach 26 knots. Another scheme is to use two mtuv10 cylinder 2000 series M72 engines (single 900 kW power) to drive fixed pitch propellers, and to propel a 28.5-meter-long and 9-meter-wide wind express28 series ship at a speed of 26 knots at 90% of the maximum continuous power

tri swath28 will be equipped with more powerful devices: two mtu16v2000m72 engines, each with a power of 1440 kW and a speed of 26 knots. The ship adopts water jet propulsion, and each water jet propulsion device is driven by an engine. In addition, the fixed pitch propeller can also be used as an option. The largest ship type is tri swath54, with a total length of 54 meters and a width of 14.7 meters, which can accommodate 60 people

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