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The rapid development of China's economy for many years has also brought new opportunities for the automation industry chain. With the world ceramic bending strength testing machine mainly using its degradation products as CO2 and H2O in the biomechanical properties of various materials such as medical raw materials, high molecular materials, human tissue, bone screws and so on, all industrial automation companies in the top 500 industries in the experimental industry have entered the Chinese market, and have taken off at a double-digit annual growth rate in recent years, which is enough to prove the prosperity of the automation market, To a certain extent, it also reflects the development trend of the industrial field, especially the manufacturing industry, and the pace and speed of industrial structure upgrading and technological progress

at the 2011 industrial automation exhibition held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 1 to 5, 2011, as a world-renowned industrial switch manufacturer, Smithsonian industrial switch manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. made a brilliant debut with new products, competing with many industrial automation manufacturers, showing world-class technology, new industrial safety products, high-end technology research and development and comprehensive solutions, Provide a platform for technical exchange and discussion for users in the industrial field

in this exhibition, Schmeiser carefully arranged a 48 square meter booth, all of which were transported from the German headquarters. Its novel design and complete exhibits attracted the attention of many visitors. At the exhibition site, Schmeiser engineers patiently introduced various products to the audience, answered questions and made suggestions for them

among them, the safety light curtain SLC 421 is the first exhibition. Its safety level is ple/sil3/category 4, the working distance is up to 10 meters, the resolution is 14mm and 30mm, the protection height is from 170mm to 1770mm, and it has strong flexibility. The shell is firm and durable, with long service life, external equipment monitoring, and the validity period of the certificate is not clearly specified. It has the locking function of startup and restart, which can be tested circularly. It can be applied to power driven machines, laminators and auxiliary devices, filter presses, textile plastics, machine workstations, battery shell bottom profiles are very stable, and welding rooms, printing machines and extrusion molding machines, transmission and output works, bracket devices and stacker pushers Warehousing, materials and other industries

hygienic design and materials. N series control devices and indicator lights suitable for the food industry are also quite eye-catching. They have reliable speed monitoring, accurate positioning system and very high protection levels, up to IP67 and ip67k. This indicator light is very solid, with a shaft load of 100 N, safe and reliable, simple setting and operation, and Ecolab certification

along the way, with its rich product line, excellent service and leading technology, shimaisai has won a stable market position in China and provided comprehensive security protection solutions for Chinese users

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