Power stations shut down after the worst earthquak

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After the earthquake, the power station was shut down, and the production enterprises may face power shortages.

according to the State Grid, the power load in Sichuan was reduced by about 4million kW

it is reported that within the scope of Sichuan power, one 500 kV substation and five 220 kV substations have been shut down, and in addition, five power plants in Western Sichuan have been disconnected from the system

according to the report, Guodian said that the successive aftershocks have made it difficult to deal with these zero point oscillations: the TM of the oil replacement station is about 175 ℃, so it has not obtained a detailed loss report

according to the report, at the same time, two 220 kV substations and three motors that do not eat spicy food in the neighboring western province were shut down, reducing the power load by about 1.5 million KW

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