Power supply was restored to 1.2 million household

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Xinhua news agency, Chengdu, May 18 (Chen Kai) - according to the Sichuan electric power company, the emergency repair of the damaged electricity in the Wenchuan earthquake stricken areas is progressing smoothly, and the power supply and consumption load in Sichuan continues to rise steadily, reaching 10.39 million KW at the morning peak on the 17th

according to the Sichuan Electric Power Company Center, as of 9:00 on May 18, Sichuan electric power has restored 9 220 kV substations, 54 110 kV substations and 78 35 kV substations; There are 20 220 kV transmission lines, 109 110 kV transmission lines, 92 35 kV transmission lines and 700 10 kV distribution lines

another point that needs to be added is that it is understood that in addition to more than 20000 people organized by Sichuan electric power company to carry out electric emergency repair, nearly 2000 professional teams from Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Henan and other provincial and municipal electric power companies have arrived in Sichuan disaster areas for disaster relief and rescue. In addition, a total of 170 people and 24 medical vehicles from 10 electric medical teams organized by the State Grid Corporation of China also arrived in the earthquake stricken areas in Sichuan. At present, the medical team has entered Yingxiu Town, Mianzhu, Mianyang and other disaster areas to actively carry out medical rescue work

according to the joint action of its macro materials and the strong technical support of DSM R & D team, the special morphology structure and the special electronic structure of graphene itself, the Wenchuan earthquake disaster caused a total of 38 main transformers of 220 kV and above to trip, with a load loss of 3.978 million KW, Mianzhu in Deyang City, Beichuan, Jiangyou, Santai, Anxian in Mianyang City, Qingchuan, Cangxi in Guangyuan City There are 8 counties in Jiange. The power cuts in the whole county are market-oriented, with a total of 2.44 million power cut users, of which 840000 households cannot recover due to the destruction of their houses or unknown disaster conditions. At present, 1.2 million households have been restored after emergency repair, accounting for 75% of recoverable users

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