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Brief discussion: CIP4 analysis ink control application development process

PPF format of version 3.0 released in 1998 has been used until today. As early as 2000, when drupa was launched, relevant commercial applications have begun to show their feet. Up to now, the technology and its products have been widely used in developed printing areas such as Europe, America and Japan, especially in the ink control of printing machines. This application based on PPF is particularly successful

cip3 is the abbreviation of cooperationoffintegrationofpre-press and pressandpost-press, while CIP4 adds the concept of process process management on the basis of prepress and post press. As an international printing standardization organization, its goal is to establish a computer integrated production system to automate, digitize and intelligentize printing production. PPF and JDF formats are the products of this goal, and the two formats have become the standards of related application technologies

printproductionformat published by CIP3 PPF format is what people usually call CIP3 format. Its concept is to collect all the information needed for printing, including customer information, prepress requirements, printing requirements, post-processing requirements, and connect all the equipment in a file format manner

Inksetter products are the representative products of ink control applications

what is ink control

in the traditional printing methods we are familiar with, the microcomputer controlled printing has more advantages in the overall environment of printing. The captain controls the ink key and rotation speed of the printing machine according to experience by observing the printing plate and color manuscript, so as to control the ink discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of color tracking

its problems and limitations are:

low efficiency. It takes time to determine the ink volume and play the piano, and it takes time to repeat the version and sample

waste materials. Master paper

reprint efficiency is low. Because all operations are not recorded, the reprint printing of the same live parts is equivalent to printing new live parts

ink control is to send the ink information of digital live parts directly to the printer through software, and the captain does not need to play the piano. At the same time, the software has the function of recording, saving the ink discharge information and applying it to reprint. The advanced ink control function is on the one hand to resolutely curb the new production capacity and control the ink discharge

what can inksetter bring to customers

1. Improve efficiency

2. Save time, save the time to play the piano and the time to follow the color after version

3. High efficiency, more live parts can be produced per unit time

4. Reprint, directly call Gold Medical: participate in the original setting of catheter

5. Save materials, and the saving of materials after version can reach more than 80%

6. Improve the quality, the printing color is better and closer to the original, and the printing stability is expected to be higher by 2021

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