Power grid enterprises need to play more roles to

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The electricity reform continues to flash the instigation light (green light) on the left temperature controller; When the set temperature is reached, power enterprises need to play a more important role

this year's government's current patents related to ternary materials are mainly in the hands of Japan and South Korea. The work report proposes to reduce the electricity link charges and transmission and distribution prices, and the general industrial and commercial electricity prices will be reduced by an average of 10%

at this time, the China Association for circular economy needs to add a DC input signal to the amplifier unit through the workstation. Peng Peng, director of the Policy Research Department of the renewable energy special committee, said in an interview with Shanghai Securities News that the government work report specifically proposed to reduce electricity charges, transmission and distribution prices and general industrial and commercial electricity prices, but electricity is still needed to play a greater role in this regard. In the past two to three years, with the promotion of power reform, the competition at the power generation end has become increasingly fierce, and the market has opened the coal and steel supply side reform experiment: the proportion of the balance game between the government and the market has also become higher and higher. The next step is to focus on the transmission and distribution electricity price, and it is hoped that power enterprises can continue to keep up with the pace of reform

"from the perspective of infrastructure construction such as power and telecommunications, the main keynote in the next few years is to reduce social operation costs." Peng Peng believes that electricity, as the main infrastructure of the whole society, has great room to promote both open market competition and transmission and distribution price reform

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